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About Us

Welcome, dear readers, to the hallowed hallways of Law Gone Mad, your one-stop-shop for absurdities in the field of jurisprudence, and we promise to leave no statute unstudied, no ordinance overlooked. We're a team of learned individuals, who, after many years treading the cobbled streets of London's legal district, decided to add a little levity to the world of law. And if you're expecting a tedious account of common law, you're in the wrong website, my friend.

Our Mischievous Origins

Our journey began in the hushed corners of Lincoln's Inn, amidst piles of dusty legal tomes and numerous half - consumed cups of Earl Grey tea. We're solicitors, barristers, and legal academics with years of experience and a shared penchant for the peculiar. We decided that it was high time to expose the delightful absurdities that exist within our profession - hence the birth of Law Gone Mad. It's been a riotous ride ever since!

Our Ridiculous Aim

The goal here at Law Gone Mad is simple, yet profound. We aim to uncover and share the most absurd, humorous, and downright nonsensical laws from around the world. And trust us, there's no shortage of them! From legal codes that govern the flight of a kite to those that define the proper conduct of a cow in public, we've got it all. We strive to make you chuckle, raise an eyebrow, or simply shake your head in disbelief at the strange edicts of yesteryears and present day.

Our Marvellous Method

Our method, if it can be called such, involves delving into the unexplored recesses of international law. With a stiff upper lip and a mischievous glint in our eyes, we navigate our way through legal documents, judgements, by-laws, and ordinances. We then report our findings here with a healthy dose of good ol' British sarcasm and wit. Rest assured, every word is steeped in rigorous research, and every interpretation is dipped in delicious irony.

A Legal Odyssey Begins

So there you have it - a brief account of who we are and what we do at Law Gone Mad. As we embark on this legal odyssey through the realm of the ridiculous, we invite you to join us. Hop on board, hold on to your wigs, and brace yourselves for a whimsical exploration of the world's most wonderfully weird laws.

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